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What happened
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Originally posted by fordracer9326:
I apologize. I did misunderstand who you were speaking to when you said same no driving, no racing, blah blah blah whatever. I took that as you speaking too those of us that were trying to say to let it be and have some respect. That was my misunderstanding, and I apologize. It seems that we both agree But this was a terrible tragedy, and the only thing that we really know for sure as a young man lost his life

Yes Sir, decency, humility.

Prayers for family, friends and witnesses.
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Originally posted by Mike Rietow:

Is *Lets not pretend otherwise* not clear enough?

Give it a rest and STFU.

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I did not know this racer but I can only imagine the pain his family and friends are feeling. I do stupid stuff all the time and am so glad it has not caught up to me.
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