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House cars.
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So you got access to his books that show these cars were entered without paying?
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Originally posted by Richard Hammond:
Originally posted by WHOMPWHOMP:
[QUOTE]Originally posted by mavman:
House car in other lane. Don't think about it, no problem, just like the rest of the opponents. If you lose to the house car, you were likely to lose against someone else if it wasn't a house car.[/QUOTE A man that has busted his a s s all year working 40+ hours a week an saved extra money to just make one of these races knowing that he really shouldn’t be going in the first place because the mortgage is due next week....I feel like his mindset is totally different then someone that is PUT IN by the PROMOTER OR SUGARDADDY...that driver has NOTHING,NATTA,ZERO to lose...he can just say F U C K IT it ain’t mine....WHOMP OUT....

Who are to say what other racers financial situations are? If they want to sacrifice their mortgage payment that’s on them. You are just another person throwing out negative garbage about people that enter big money races.
Not what I meant mainly just about the mindset I agree it’s on them...but I will pull for that guy that’s busted his butt to get there every I enter ALL BIG BUCK RACES within my driving distance...and DOUBLE ALL OF THEM IF ALLOWED WITH INE CAR....
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I am certain other promoters are reading this thread...if they choose to not make a post, well I am sure they have their reasons...

Jed, thank you for the clarification and that makes sense!
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DRR Trophy
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The day the lights went out in Illinois.
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Originally posted by SlyFox:
It's very simple math. If there are 100 entries, and I have two of those entries, my odds of winning are 1 in 50 (2/100), assuming my skills are equal to all of the other entries.

If the promoter adds 20 entries for "house cars" my odds of winning are now 1 in 60 (2/120), which is obviously not quite as good as 1 in 50. And the promoter now has a 1 in 6 chance of being obligated to pay out less, because 1 out of 6 (20 of 120) are his "house" entries.

And (this is VERY important) it costs the promoter ZERO to tilt the odds a bit more in his favor when he adds these "house cars." I guess if a house car ends up in the money, they have some agreement to split, but the promoter still wins when his entries finish in the money.

It's just simple math and statistical probability. Doesn't have anything to do with how good I am (or not), my panties, if I'm "skeered" or not, whether the car in the other lane is a paying customer or a house car, etc, etc. It's just simple math.

If there are any who don't understand that, I can't help you, but please be aware that the promoters who play the free entry/"house car" game are aware of your ignorance, and profiting from it Smile

I get the math. Still much better than the lottery. I hear/see of lot of questions concerning house cars, what happens with pre entry money, etc.

Bottom line for me: do I like terms/conditions stated on flyer? Is it a comfortable tow? What do guys I know personaly think of promoter after attending? I am retired, what I spend racing now is off books fun money. It will get spent taking grandkids to Disney or amusement parks or at casino. If I depended on racing for money, I would not be on a diet as I am a bottom feeder.

I am not getting younger, I love to compete and I like most of the flyers read. I do not care how much promoter makes, giving sportsman level racers the oppertunity to race for purses the pro's can only dream about rocks. I will attend at least one SFG race this year along with the local winter series races here in Florida. I just need to get hang of delay box.

This is only my opinion, you people all have a great day
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