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Early voting
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the, cable and social media have been deciding at least since Obama. they've been tweaking the system to get it perfect and in the process of doing so, Trump got in because he controlled the media better than "they" did but now they perfected their control over all media we just think our vote still counts. It doesn't!
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Originally posted by 442OLDS:
Originally posted by CURTIS REED:
I don't think it took a genius to figure out Walker would lose. There had to be a better candidate than him somewhere.

When Fetterman won,that kind of threw out the need to be a good candidate.

Even the best candidate available would have lost in my opinion.

You aren't wrong.

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The Dems are in control of most media and they will control the majority until the Repubs get off their a_ _ and reach out to the people for the same early voting. designed by racers for racers.

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