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What is the proper way to prep the starting line?
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Been to alot of tracks and really never had much issue but as said some starting lines are just a little better at keeping the numbers tight. As important as the starting line area is and, probably out to past 330,to keep up on it is probably a task and an art. So as refered to as the best people to do this they are a very valuable asset to the track and the racers. I would think an expert at this would be worth alot of money to do this prep properly. Any thoughts on this? 70,0000 ,90,0000 or ? a year does anyone know what that salary is.
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I am going to say something here about track prep. Really kind of hard to say what or who is best because we have different track surfaces and also set up for different things. Cold weather track prep is different than hot Texas Summer track prep. They do it different for Radial tire deal.

But I do not think you can say one size fits all and this guy or place is the best.

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A few years ago I heard that a drum of glue costs $1,000. Is that true and what's the mileage on a drum?
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At our local track, Cedar Falls Motorsports Park the racing surface is showing it age and its a little bumpy and chewed up....BUT I have never raced where my 60'. 330 and 660' times are any more consistent. They scrape as needed, spray as needed and have the tractor drag on it most of the time between rounds until later rounds. Their touchup and rosin on start line is about as good as it gets.

I think the price is close to a $1000 a drum plus shipping and GUARANTEED that is going up in 2021 with every other product. I owned a couple tracks and this was before much was known about good traction compounds and the ONE THING that still rings true. After it is scraped it should be washed with strong detergent or MEK or even lacquer thinner to get rid of oils from the scraping and the oil from the cars. Start clean, keep the sand and dirt off and the cars will hook.
Thank you to all the track owners that spend thousands of dollars a year so we can do "wheelies" ;-)

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The cleaner the staging lanes and burnout box, the better the starting line.

Good track prep starts 500 feet from the burnout box. Wink

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