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I ran a Costco/interstate 900 CCA battery and I think a 140A Eastcoast alternator for decades in my long cars. Very reliable and easy on the wallet.

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Originally posted by 68TSCAMARO:
Curiously if lithium batteries are to blame as some propose why are cars not burning up at tracks and shops ? Warehouses and storefront businesses that sell they would be burning everywhere . Trucks transporting them to market and factories would be blazing . Someone is just hunting a plausible excuse for these fires or neglecting to tell the whole story .....

There you go with Common sense that just is not that common any more.
I think that with it being fairly new technology they have learned a few things. It takes different charge rates and maybe some of the early ones were not best design. Short out any battery and you have a problem. Some may not have been using best charger for that battery?
Lets face it we learn and improve as we go.

I am not going to say "Well someone had afire with a Lithium battery so we will never use them" If we did that there would never be any technological advances. A lot of stuff was blown up before Nitrous Oxide was dialed in right. What if first few guys blew up motors and everyone said "Nope, that is dangerous do not use it" Nitro methane, alcohol, blowers, you name it. We are racers, we try things to go faster or more consistent. Some do not work, some have issues that need to be resolved then work great. Some work great from the start. But winners try things. Losers do not learn.
Never heard of any problems with GoLithium batteries so that is probably what I would use if I really needed to lose some weight. Right now I do not need to lose weight so it is not an issue but if I did would certainly consider a Lithium battery as it is a significant weight loss.
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