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Working on 406 SBC and having trouble figuring out which cam is in this sucker so I figured I'd ask for some help from the DRR world.

One side has multiple numbers on it. CD 309-316, 6R, 88-21 and BB060

Other side has 9528 or 952s and a UC.

I did the basic google search and not really coming up with anything so I figured someone on here had to be better at looking up those numbers than me.

Thank you in advance for the help!!
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Cam Dynamics?

BTE / Memphis Performance
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Find a machine shop with a Cam Doctor, it will check the cam and print out all the info!
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Ultradyne ?

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Put the cam back in the block and degree it out.....then you'll know exactly what the specs are, regardless of who made it.

I'd also guess Cam Dynamics, and looks like 309°/316° Advertised duration, possibly on a 106° Lobe Seperation.
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