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My son has an 08 1500, and he has had to ignore the tire pressure light for a few years now.
But his is because the pressures are too high. Spec tires for the 1/2 ton are low pressure, and he put some higher pressure LT-type tires on it when he upgraded his wheels. He tried running them at 40-ish PSI, and it really started to wear the edges off quickly. So he has gotten good at ignoring the light.
He tells me his research found out the Tech II GM scan tool is the only way to change the tire pressure range settings. He also said the dealers and tire shops he talked to that have one, will not change your settings from vehicle specs, due to potential liability.
But yeah, if I were you, I would drop the pressures and live with the warning light.

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I may have to ignore it too. And put some weight back there. In certain snow conditions, if you break traction in the rear, the axle hop is pretty annoying. Didn't have this with the older truck, so I was a bit surprised.

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