Lean out..
Needing my first lean out valve who makes a big one so I can get the most heat in the motor...thanks
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Found it cheaper.


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I used a simple ball valve from hardware store.

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1/2" ball valve from Lowe's and -8 hose on mine. Idles at 1200, open the lean out and it jumps up to @3000+

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Like Tom & Bruce said, you can use a 1/2" ball valve from hardware store. Or get this stainless one from Amazon for $13.99 with free shipping, if you are a Prime member:
1/2 In Stainless Ball Valve
You can find 90* mounting brackets, or fab your own.
Heck, if you want to go really cheap & easy, there are 3/8" and 1/2" plastic ones for under $5 that have barb fittings, will slip right into a rubber vacuum hose.

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