Diff Gears ?
Diff Gears ?

I’m considering a rear gear change and presently have 28 spline Standard gears and staying with this same spline size. The gear I want (5.00) is available from US Gear (made in Chicago?) and Motive gear produced in Italy. Both 8620. The US Gear is less expensive by 25%.

I don’t know the gear brand I presently have. Any opinions or advice.
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Mark go with Motive been using them for years buying from Quick Performance -best price- they change so well Ive not had to reshim in a long time!

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Mark, I'm assuming a 28 spline small pinion 9" ??

If so contact Jay Cushman @ 207 749-3307, he sells Nascar takeouts. I recently bought a 5.14 for a little S10 we picked up and the gears are super nice !! REM polished, lightened ect...... All the bells and whistles and they set up perfectly. $220 shipped to my door.
His inventory is always changing so give him a call. He sells pinion supports and cases also.
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I use the NASCAR take outs also. Current 4.44 has been in there 3 years but have never had an issue. Last set was $125 but here we are in NASCARs back yard so lots of takeoffs around.
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We installed the Motive 8620 514 gears last fall in my S10. Quick Perf recommended it and the gears setup very nicely. I seriously questioned using these vs a pro gear, and I even called twice.
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I used a US Gear brand on my 9" last time and it was a really nice set and setup. I have used NASCAR takeoffs also which are nice gears, don't know what brand they are.
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