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Anybody run mobil 1 with alcohol? I would like to hear how well it stays clean. Thanks for any info
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Install a vacuum pump and the oil stays clean. Even before I put a vacuum pump on my engine, I never milked the oil.

You can use a leanout valve at the end of the day to get the engine/oil hot to burn off any condensation/alcohol and the oil will stay clean.

Doesn't need to be Mobil 1. Any synthetic oil will work just fine. If you milk the oil bad enough that it needs changing regularly, just use inexpensive walmart oil.

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True that.
Keep the alky/moisture out of the oil in the first place.

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Over the years I learned a couple things about running alky carbs and injection.
If you can get the oil as hot as possible, run a vacuum pump you can choose any oil you like. We have used Schaeffer Oils semi-synthetic Race oil 30w and 40w for four seasons on the same 565, never milks and the used oil analysis reports are excellent and Zinc content is one of the highest in the race oil market. Season 5 coming up.

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I am not sure Mobil 1 is compatible with alky. I bunch of years ago a guy on here did a bunch of test and Mobil was not recommended. I never wanted to test that. Currently I use Royal Purple or Valvoline VR1.

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I'm new to injection, still working out the bugs with just idle and warmup....I run Amsoil 15w50 dominator racing oil....just drained it to check out some stuff and it was as clean as it was when the car was still on gas....same oil actually. I did the leanout thing and have a vac pump. I just put new in because I had the pan off....otherwise I'd still be running it....

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Have ran Mobil 1 synthetic for years with and without vacuum pumps on alky carb applications. Oil stays cleans, never had an issue.
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