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The clear coat is peeling/flaking off my 95 S-10 bracket truck. Is there a way to strip off the old clear coat or am I looking at a repaint winter project?
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Depends on how bad the flaking happens to be. If it's isolated areas, you can lightly sand the edge areas with 2000-2500 paper and re-coat. It's a temporary repair at best but might give you a couple of more seasons out of the current paint job. And of course this would be something you do or a friend. There's no taking it to a bodyshop as they are only going to strip it and repaint - and understandably so, their work reputation is at stake.
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If the clear is peeling from the basecoat, you are best off to strip and refinish. If you feather back the peeling edges and paint over it, the new finish will peel off along with the old if it peels/flakes again and you are back to square one.
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It's not peeling/flaking. It's character. Big Grin

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Just learn to appreciate "Patina'...

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