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There are no victims, only willing participants.
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It had been a few years since I collected any contingency. Got a Runner Up at a Divisional last year.
Overall,it went pretty well.Summit was the fastest.They sent the check out right away.ATI was a little late with the check,but no problems.Jeg's,Denso,Lucas Oil,Harland Sharp,Hoosier,Sunoco,and Computech were all easy to deal with and didn't have any unrealistic requirements.
The only refusal I had was K&N Oil Filters They said that I needed to buy $100 of oil filters a year to qualify.I don't change my oil that often,so off come those decals next year.
You have to be patient, but the majority of the companies still pay without a hassle.And while the contingency isn't much,it helps.
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I didn't get enough grade points this last year to gain entry to any NHRA Nationals this year. Maybe Denver but that's about it. While I am planning on running a number of Divisional races I am going to try more bracket racing including hopefully some bigger money races.

I'll report back and let you know how it goes. As for me getting any contingency money? I guess you first have to win......... Big Grin

Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right. Here I am.......
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What WHOMP wrote. When I pay at the gate, I want to get paid on the way out if I did any good. No stickers on my heap….. I scrub the white advertising letters off my tires as well.
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