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It was just posted last night that Osceola Dragway will be closed permanently. Another track that was opened in the 1960's will go by the wayside. It's been sold to a Dairy Farmer. All those bi**hing neighbors will get karma now. PU
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Hopefully it will be nice and smelly for them. I never made it up there, I live in indy and have raced every track in the state but Osceola.
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hopefully osceola racers will support the new owner at the bunkerhill and keep it alive
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I really hope karma bites those whiny *****ers right in the azz.
Bunkers new owner is making improvements and hopefully he can either learn to run a smooth program or hire someone that does. He seems all in on this but we shall see.
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Raced quit a few years in the past at Osceola! started in the late 60's! Only live about 20 minutes from OC Dragway! Art & Ruth Chism always ran their program REALLY well,,, I always thought! Really hate to see it come to this!!! Guess "IF" I can keep the health improving may get out and give Bunker and Martin 131 a few hits! God Willing!!!
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