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College education
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Originally posted by pauley:
Originally posted by 1320racer:
If he gets an engineering degree he'lll have job offers before he graduates.


my son graduated last May with mechanical engineering degree from UNC Charlotte with a 3.95 and had multiple job offers coming out. started with freightliner weeks after graduation.

As for scholarships, it depends i suppose. my daughter graduated high school from NC school of science and math. got $0. my son graduated from our local high school top 10 in his class. got $0. both applied for everything in sight. i guess we were wrong ethnicity, married and work.

ep-we got them through though

Well done on that GPA!! Most have no idea what a challenge it is to get those kinds of grades in any engineering program.

Make no mistake: My son got nothing for income....nothing for race or any of that. Everything he got was one time, local awards given by rotary and other clubs, banks and newspapers. All needed essays written. Some required interviews, which was where my son really earned his frankly. When you walk in, introduce yourself, shake hands, look each interviewer in the eye and address them by sir or maam, you have already taken a step in the right direction.

He looked at three big 10 schools. He wasn't that impressed with Iowa's engineering program. Madison was a beautiful campus and program, but woke as hell and has been since before I was college age. And very spendy. U of I was also quite expensive, and they couldn't find one person in the Engineering building they they toured who was actually speaking english. Nobody. Even lunch at a nearby restaurant was surrounded by non english speaking folks. It was much cheaper to head to UW Platteville, where he found all english speaking Americans, courses taught by professors not by students, a modest campus in God's country who is interested in teaching and graduating mainly engineering students, and who has a brand new engineering building. No he earns nothing by being a D3 track and field recruit. But he isn't D1 material right now anyhow. Platteville has been graduating quality caliber engineers since before I went there, in a much more conservative campus based upon education. Works for me. We weren't going to get any kind of money regardless of where he went. Why spend $120k plus to get subjected to woke'ism?

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got $0. my son graduated from our local high school top 10 in his class. got $0. both applied for everything in sight. i guess we were wrong ethnicity, married and work.

You're just from the wrong state.
My daughter received Florida's Bright Futures scholarships which paid for her tuition plus fees. We even had Florida Prepaid College and they told us she could use that for other expenses.

This scholarship is not based on family income,
it's based on academic achievement. Also, it's funded by the state lottery.
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wrong state is right. we supposedly have a NC education lottery that the proceeds go towards helping out with college. i never saw one cent from NC education lottery.

ep-maybe i should have bought a ticket on the lottery or a scratch off
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Pauley not to mention that the NC schools are falling down. Its amazing how all this money just disappears. one of thee highest gas taxes in the country and the roads are falling apart.
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We do have the NC Promise program in NC that gives in state students a flat $500 (room and board not included) per semester tuition cost at 3 schools. None of the three offer Mechanical Engineering or similar. Western Carolina has the most technical offerings of the three.

UNC Pembroke
Elizabeth City State University
Western Carolina University

My son is finishing up his Sophomore year of high school and still undecided on what he wants to do. He is split between Engineering and Kinesiology or something similar as he may want to take baseball further than playing after school. He is also working hard to play baseball in college, but there is not a lot if athletic scholarship money for baseball. No full rides for sure. He has a 4.3 GPA now which works well because college coaches can normally get the high GPA guys some academic money depending on where you go.

We’ve found lots of interesting programs across the country though. Colorado School of Mines is one that I really like from the outside looking in. Had never heard of it until recently.

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Head Gamz, I did my Masters in Construction Management thru Western Carolina from 2017 - 2020 I was very happy with their engineering / technical programs, cirriculum, and faculty.

During my research phase - Western Carolina had the faculty (both teaching and program / director level) with the most real world experience in addition to classroom experience. Every one of my professors had a large amount of professional practice under their belt in addition to their cirriculum. The value that added was incredible.

Their resources available to students as far as research materials, software, etc etc - excellent

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