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Seat Belts
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Originally posted by Lenny5160:
Originally posted by Bucky:
Originally posted by Paul S/Q:
Originally posted by Bucky:
I will say it is odd that OEM's can make belts that are effective for 30 years or more....sun or no sun.

ever wonder how that 20-30 year old OEM seat belt will hold up in a 200+ mph crash ??

Weren’t designed for it in the first place and thus not a valid point

But your comparison to OEM belts IS valid?

Lenny. What I asked is how in the world the oem belts can do what they are designed to do 30 years after, but the racing belts cannot. Which ones are likely to be in the sun more? All kinds of weather. But yet they continue to work in one case and not the other we are told. Bogus. The guys at the outlaw tracks run them foever. How many are failing? They run ones that we throw away. If you think they are no good after 24 months then you can go right on believing it.

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Originally posted by 1320racer:
he's far from the authority nor anyone I would listen to based on who he calls a friend. makes a nice diaper just doesn't fit worth a shyt!

His generic diaper fits as well as anyones. If you want a custom diaper that fits like a glove, he can fix you up.

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I've got his custom diaper

and it's not my first custom diaper from him for the same oil pan and car below. $600 and it fits like shyt and because it fits like shyt the rear panel is shredded.
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