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All of the "splitting"???
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Originally posted by Tom396:

Yeah, but the faster car always has to give a headstart, whether he wants to or not. It's not optional. Now there is some real socialist thinking! (insert sarcasm disclaimer here) Wink Big Grin Take care. Tom Worthington

Head scratcher? You know the rules going in. You have option to race or stay home. I class raced M/C 50 years ago. Handicap starts were same then with no breakout rule just record reset.

On a positive note, what other style of competition can I race a $5k beater with slicks against $100k+ machines on a level playing field at my age? 160 mph cars going by at line is fun, even better when my win light comes on.

Racing is supposed to be fun and affordable. We may actually make some of the big buck races this year.
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I must confess i'm a splitter, but..... I can see both sides of the fence here.

I've been in some late round deals at some 10K and lower to win races, even been late in a 50K once a long time ago, and if you've ever watched the million or been a part of any of the other bigger bracket races or watched them online, they are splitting at 32 cars, then again at 16 cars, then again at 8, then 4, then 2. Happens all the time. Gets excessive to some degree but can't say i'd do it any different if i were in the drivers seat in a million dollar race. I would love to say NO to the split when the talks start, and we are discussing 500K total pay out, and how we will split it up. I would have to be really really really sure of myself to turn down 10K to lose at 16 cars and opt for posted pay out of only say 2K or maybe only 1k.... Entry to the million is like 2500 for one tech card. Now if we are talking about splitting a saturday bracket race for 1k total pay out, i'm a little less concerned either way because it won't change my racing operation significantly one way or another, but a legitimate million dollars in the pot, now that has the possibility to make racing easy for the rest of your racing career.

60/40 always seemed right for a final round, but i've also raced as posted and however the cards fell, well that's how they fell. Someone else said it well, if we going for 50/50 i'm headed to the house and you can make the final round run by yourself, we need to race for something. Win or lose, it needs to matter somehow.

Kicking money down to the other rounds, well that to me is a function of these top heavy pay out structures that exist at all of these bigger races. Its in an effort to get that big flashy number on the race flyer 1,000,000 to win sure looks better than 265,000 to win. I'd be curious to know if anyone knows what the biggest payday to ever be taken by a bracket racer in a single race. I know its not 1 million because of the "splits"....

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The exact same thing happened to me again last night, well actually early this morning. Made the final, I asked if he just wanted to leave it 80/20. He said it’s up to you, I suggested 60/40 and he said let’s split 50/50.

I said if we’re doing that I’m going home. He said okay 60/40 and let’s race and damnit if I don’t screw it up again. In the semis, my opponent’s car wouldn’t start and I get a single. I’m .001 red so I roll 7 thou in the box and then in the final I’m dead late, jammed on the brakes and still broke out. Just a horrible job on my part. But overall still a pretty good night and I didn’t go home empty handed.

Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right. Here I am.......
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I once saw a "used to be " dominate racer leave $40,000 laying on the table because he refused to do any kind of split with a "nobody". That kid took the whole thing and never was seen after that.
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We were talking about the no splitters this weekend, and a guy said "You know how to deal with a guy who doesn't want to split don't you? Just win that round and split the next round!"
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