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"First of all, I have a problem with neighbors who complain about race track noise. In most cases, the tracks were there well before homes encroached on the area. I’ve got two stories about that."

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I drove by the site Lakeland Dragway occupied yesterday. There's an Amazon Delivery Facility sitting there. I'm sure The neighbors were glad to see the Dragway close. Now they get to hear the operations at Amazon 24/7 and that's not a quite operation.

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On the list of things that make racing expensive, mufflers don't even crack the top 1,000.

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While I would hate to be required to put mufflers on the race car,I have a feeling that a catalytic converter will be mandated in the not too distant future.
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Originally posted by 442OLDS:
While I would hate to be required to put mufflers on the race car,I have a feeling that a catalytic converter will be mandated in the not too distant future.

You would see a lot more racers running methanol ... LOL

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I do not think anyone who moves next to a track has any right to complain yet they will. We lost one track around here in 1985 because of the lawsuits against the track. As I understand it they Won every single lawsuit but it just became too expensive to fight every week.
I do think that if a track can do anything to help reduce noise with in reason it is good business to do so.

For years I ran Borla mufflers on my Altered not because I had to but because I wanted to. In my class I was always the fastest car and being the faster car I felt that it may may it harder to judge me coming up on them. Plus I like the quiet and lower tone. I even ran mufflers on my Bracket door car. I think the were 3.5 inch bullet mufflers so it was still fairly loud but much quieter than open headers.

With all that said I do not want anyone mandating what I do or how I do it if they are not involved. Mind your own business and stay out of mine.

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I remember when the folks next to Zmax threw a fit. Soon as the owner said he would move Charlotte Motor Speedway and all his stuff to another state the heads that rule told the complainers to shut up. Cash talks!
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From time t time I run a set of Borla's on my roadster. In spite of the weight increase and exhaust restriction they didn't hurt the 1/8th mile performance. The quieter sound does make it a bit more difficult for a slower car trying to judge the closing rate. Larry Scarth once mentioned that the lack of sound was an advantage, at first I didn't believe it but he was correct.

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