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Anybody watching?

It always amazes me how the Motor Mania events of all of the bracket races can be so good compared to this.
At least it is free,but sometimes free pizza can be so bad that I don't even want a slice.
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agree'd free is free but I hope it gets better if you pay for it?
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I always wonder why Motor Mania isn't hired to do these events. They are so good, so professional, yet get ignored by an association that could really benefit from using them.
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I kind of understand why NHRA wants to have full control but they have to improve. I watched for a while today and every time they switched to the second camera he sound went away. Then you didn’t know who won until they started the next pair.
I’m hoping it will improve but I sure miss DragracerTV already

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Maybe, instead of just saying your comment here, why don't you text the Division 2 director or someone at NHRA TV and note the concern. I noticed yesterday that the timing screen changed from the Compulink announce to the NHRA version, so someone appears to be working on the fly to make modifications.
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Warren Evans did a great job with D3 TV and then Dragracertv but NHRA decided to take it over, after watching this weekend I wish Warren was still doing it.
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