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What kind of paint do I need to repaint my cage?

I will be using a small disposable brush so I won’t have to deal with overspray.
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I used black Rustolem on mine. Just be careful not to thin it. When I first painted my dragster chassis I thinned it some to make it spray better and it is not as glossy and durable as it could have been.

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POR 15 is a enduring and highly regarded brand, although I personally haven't used it I would consider it for the purpose you're considering. Their Top Coat and 2K Urethane might be of interest to you. Not cheap but quality.

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I'd spend the time and spray it Big Grin

But I get brushing is easier lol I did have a friend do his in hammer tone Rustoleum and it came out pretty nice !! I believe he slightly reduced the second coat with acetone and it laid down pretty smooth.
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