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Man I don't care who the builder is, but for these builders to require 100% payment up front for a 2 year no guarantee lead time is nuts. I could never agree to that, way to many things can happen in 2 years and you could lose all your money.

I think 1/3 down, 1/3 when its on the jig and 1/3 on delivery is more than fair to all involved
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Agree and that’s the industry standard. 100% up front and 2 years out = I take my business elsewhere.
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I passed on the 100 upfront and I agree I didn't care who was building it I am not paying full then plus. Realistically you will see 50 upfront and 1/4 on demand and 1/4 on completion. The days of a builder coming out of their pocket to buy parts has passed and covid delivery times require ordering everything at the time of making a deposit to ensure parts arrive in a timely manner. The 50 upfront should cover all parts cost make it to powder coating. Of course it depends on what stage you want it finished to and there is no such thing as a guaranteed completion date anywhere.

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