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Have been watching some races since mine's down at the moment, but I've seen quite a few door cars with glass hoods that will lift the back of the hood at the finish line. Y'all ever notice this? What do you do about it?
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Push it back down when you get out and are frustrated at losing.

About the only thing you can do is reduce the airflow into the area with air dams - Ive seen plexiglass behind the grills for that purpose - but overheating can be the result.

I would not worry about it.

My vette that has virtually no inlet will lift the rear of the hood about 2.5 feet if not latched. Ask me how I know and it is all because of a low-pressure area that is created. Fortunately for me, the hood opens the opposite way and won't completely come up.

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on one of ours we had room to glass in a brace to keep it supported.the brace was across the rear of the hood behind the motor

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When I had an aero scoop on my hood, the dash cam would easily see the hood starting to lift around the 1/8 mile mark. I was considering installing some Dzus fasteners at the back of the hood.

Finally just said screw it and removed the aero scoop and installed a Hilborn style scoop directly to the engine. No more hood lifting.

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I installed dzus fasteners on each side of the scoop to stop that on my old car.
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My Corvette lifts the back of the hood about 1" at speed. It's done it forever with no ill effect, so I just let it be.
I didn't know it did it until a buddy put a go-pro on the car. I can't see it from the drivers seat.

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On my 69 Chevelle (with street-legal mufflers) at about 100mph, the top of the door glass would pop out about an inch on both sides due to the low pressure created by the fast moving air, and all of the sudden I got a really loud increase in wind noise inside the car. Did it every single pass, the exact same way and exact speed. The glass was moving away from the weatherstripping. Air does some really strange things as speeds increase.

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