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Helping a friend upgrade a 1965 Ford PU which he received from his father. Been in family since new. We installed a new 300 Ford straight six. Now we have put a "Sniper FI" system on it and working out the "bugs". WE need help in keeping 12v to fuel pump when starting. Original ignition switch. We connected a wire to back of switch that has 12v when in "on", but when starter engaged, this drops to @9v. Can someone help us find a way to keep 12v to the system without the voltage drop on start. Would like to have all activated through the original ignition switch. HELP!!
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Pump wired through a relay powered straight to the battery. Trigger with the ignition switch.

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My though was the same as TheBlueTruck's. Of course the battery voltage is going to dip when supplying the starter regardless of the fuel pump being wired direct. Just as in today's cars, allow the pump to achieve pressure and shut off before initial starting. And, I would suggest you get a battery with the highest CCA/CA you can afford.

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I hooked up about a half dozen of these, why don't you use a relay off the blue wire on the sniper? It has power anytime the sniper "on" wire has power.

Ps if your fuel pump is small and draws less then 15 amps you can hook it directly to the "blue" wire.

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