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currently running the MT 3084S tire and its junk after 67 runs I just could not get it down the track this weekend I believe the sidewall is just had enough I want to switch to Hoosiers I spoke to the guy at Hoosier but I am not too confident in the suggestion of the 18400 DO6 compound at almost $880 I am wanting to make sure there is not a better suggestion for my combo.

2715 lbs
2 speed glide
1140 HP
went 8.20 last yr
the gear is set up to run the 33 tall tire so I would like to keep that height and I currently have 15 inch dia bead lock wheels so I need to stay with a 15 also
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Don't care what brand of tire you run! The track was green this past weekend! Rubber balling up pretty much the whole track. Other had issues too, running Hoosiers.

Sidewalls have nothing to do with down track issues also.

I tested Friday, I made 4 runs, no 60' on the first one (timing system issue), the next 3 were 1.003/1.001/1.001 so the starting line was good.
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the starting line def was good for sure. I will take your advise Al and try again then and see if I can get it down the track.
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From my experience with running M/T stiff sidewall slicks, when the sidewalls wear out, the car will start going left or right randomly off the starting line. And it will NOT always go the same direction from run to run. Every time that I've experienced this, it was always the tires. New tires always fixed it.

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Those 18400 are huge.Way bigger than the 3084S. I had them on my car one time. I think and the tread width was over 17 inches. Big mistake. slowed the car down. Mine only Runs 8.60s.
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camaro77,the Hoosier 18372(15x33) is the tire you want. Wink
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