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Looking to update my shop by adding a plasma cutter. Looking for suggestions on Brands and models. Will not be cutting very thick metals, angle iron and flat metals, most under 1/4" thick.
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I have an older 375 unit Not dual voltage. Has never failed me yet. When setting one up, don't forget to install the inline filter/s.. The main man should chime in shortly lol.
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I've used and fixed mostly Millers...

Hypertherm has the best reputation

They are all good if you buy a big name brand machine....and come with a 3 year warrantee...

Torches are the biggest area for failures/issues....consumables......torch cable getting damaged.....torch itself fails.....and they are expensive to replace.

In my shop we have a Miller Spectrum 625 and it's probably close to 20 years old. Has never failed and can cut probably 1/2" steel. Does not cut aluminum very cleanly.

The smaller portables work well also....some have built in air and need no shop air line....

All high tech solid state components and PC boards like Inverters inside.....very costly to repair if something fails once out of warrantee......the smaller ones often become disposable for that reason....
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Stay away from the newer portable units from Miller, Trust me, I have one that can't be repaired.

Have a New Hypertherm, Expensive but man money well spent.

For 1/4" I would still go with a 220v unit.

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I've had great luck with Thermal Dynamics. I had an older unit for 20 yrs that was huge and worked well, consumables became difficult and expensive to find. I bought a newer model that's a 1/4 the size and more power, cuts thicker steel nicely. Both models are 220v
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I have a hypertherm 45 its a great machine I have cut some 5/8 thick steel will be a great machine for you
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I have a Victor AKA Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42 I haven't had any issues with it the consumables aren't cheap is the only downside.
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