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Alky lube
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Whenever I get my engine back from dyno on a new build the Barrel Valve (mfi) will be slightly stiff to move after it sits for several days. I believe this is because they do not use top lube. I do not have this problem using Klotz Uplon even with the engine not running for one month.
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Originally posted by wideopen231:
used some yellow additive the other day.Man it sounds and smells different.LOL Not sure about lubricating anything but man the sound rocks.

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I've always run lube with the carb/electric pump set up. There's just too many moving parts that can cause havoc if something gets "dry" from the alchy. But when the toilet was on the car, I would either run half as much lube, or none at all. I never saw any performance difference.

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I run top lube so I don't feel the need to flush the fuel system after every outing. I put a quart of top lube in each drum, and run it like it's on gas. If there is a performance difference, it's really small.

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I don't ever drain mine. I know I should. But even in the winter half the time I don't drain. Carbs seems to have more issues with this it seems.
Only my second season on efi though. Perhaps the injectors will be a different story.

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I run a quart of Klotz in every drum, and I don't ever drain my system either.

I take the carb off and put it in the basement over the winter, but the rest of the system stays full. If the engine comes out I will fill the pump with trans fluid. Every spring the carb gets new floats and gaskets.

On the injected car, I don't take anything off or drain anything over the winter.

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