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I've Had A Good Race Season This Far.
I planned for a mild 2020 race season, for many different reasons. The 1st was to take care of some health issues, 2nd was to update my other car & general living life other than drag racing. Then of course the corona virus came along.

Anyway, the hardest decision was not to race the Spring Fling Million this year. Now looking back on the decision, it seem so insignificant to the whole big picture of the worlds issues.

Now to our 2020 race season so far & yes we consider ourselves fortunate. Our points series is 7 out of 12 races completed. We started the season on 1/25/20 & our 7th race was 3/8/20. My son is sitting in 5th place, 4 rnds. out of 1st in the motorcycle class. I'm sitting in 2nd place, 5 or 6 rnds. out of 1st, with a 7 rnd. cushion over 3rd place in Pro. I reflect (plenty of time now) on the season so far. Where do we go from here? Like most, we don't know when life will resume back to normalcy as we know it & racing will resume.

I would like to hear from members if they have/haven't raced in 2020 & what are they doing with their race program during this pause in life.

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Haven’t done anything stupid behind the wheel yet! Big Grin

I’ve been getting the cars and motorhome ready like I’d usually be doing this time of the year. Our first points race is the first weekend in May, hopefully things are straightened out by then or soon thereafter. The virus hasn’t cost us any racing up here....yet.
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As you can see in my signature I have retired from top dragster racing and have everything for sale. Now is not a good time to be trying to sell anything especially expensive race cars, and support equipment. Everything is still for sale but not trying very hard until this virus stuff passes.

I did buy what I call my retirement hot rod an 09' SRT8 Challenger. Took it to the Bradenton NMCA race and won my class. 100% stock except for some sticky tires runs 12.50's. It is a fun Street ride and satisfies my need for speed. I will be modifying it a little in the future....

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