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Hitch selection
Originally posted by tippytoes:
Just ordered a new 32' Intech. Where can I get the best price when ordering a new Equal-I-zer Hitch? I am assuming I will need to change the 6" brackets to 8"?

I bought mine from

Yes, you will need the brackets for an 8” tongue and on a 32’ you will need longer bolts as the outer tongue is double tube.
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Call Melissa at, best prices and inventory I have found. usually have free shipping and on a 105 lb hitch that saves you even more.

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Originally posted by markemark:
Originally posted by MikeB4963:
We are using the Anderson NO sway equalizer hitch with or 30 ft behind the MH.
Very happy with it.

I looked at the install video for this hitch and am impressed. No grease needed although I’d put some on the ball. I always keep the bars well grease where they install into the hitch. I’m considering replacing my 15yr old Draw-Tite with this.

Anyone else here use this Andersen hitch on a 1500 or 2500 truck? No sway ?
Andersen Hitch

Andersen makes innovative, quality products in The USA. I have not tried their W/D hitch setup, but have owned two if their Ultimate Fifth Wheel hitches and am very pleased with them.

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Picked up my new Intech 32' foot trailer last week. Just called E-trailer to order the 14,000 Equalizer Weight Distribution system and was told not to install it on an aluminum trailer as it will break the frame. Any truth to this? I did not speak with Melissa (as Jok recommended) as I could not find her extension in the company directory.
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Has anyone used one of the Shocker Air Receiver Hitch system say on a 32-34" tag. I would like to try but am not comfortable without real world user data.
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