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Q16 conversion
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I have heard some supercomp guys will remove the intermediates...not block
Originally posted by jmarkaudio:
.008 down is a good start, may need up to .016. On a 1250 without an intermediate circuit on non oxygenated fuel I'm around .124, with an intermediate it depends on how much is used. I would block it... Wink

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Remove the air bleeds, that will lean it a bit, but blocking I meant the feed holes to it. If it's their newer blocks they have no idle feed tube in the mainwell, so you have plenty of fuel flow to eliminate the intermediate even with Q16. If you are running Supercomp with an under carb stop I would take out the air bleeds, split the difference to start on the jets. This will leave a little intermediate fuel, with an undercarb stop it's one of the few times a little intermediate circuit may be needed. Other than that I've built a 2.600 spread base carb that ran on a 1500 HP BBF with the intermediate inactive. Attempts to add even a small amount of intermediate resulted in loss of power...

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