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Low voltage and delay box issues?
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So I had the car out for the first time this weekend and I found out my battery charger was junk. Gauge was only showing 12.1 volts on the return road I don’t think the alternator could keep up. Here was the other issue....my lights were all over the place. One time trial and in and I was .024 so I rolled 7 out figuring it was my first hit of the season. I had to cross over (crosstalk in effect) and I was dialed 5.66...he was 7.34. I let it go and came up .131 ??? Didn’t think I killed it but that late and you know. Voltage was junk still. Of course I was dead 1 lol. Bought back and had a 4.80 dragster. I’m .006 and back in. Next round I get a 6.13 car to my 5.65. Let it go and I’m .042.....I’m thinking the low voltage did me in. Any one else’s ever have this happen with low voltage? The box is a Biondo Elite 95. Thanks

Eric Macchiaroli
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There was a recent discussion about lights that late that turned out to be button sticking.
I wouldn’t consider 12.1 volts too low for box to operate correctly myself but I would call Biondo and ask.
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Pro, I think it is reasonable to consider that you are "rusty" as a driver. A practice tree is your friend.

Generally speaking, if the car had enough voltage to start the engine for the run, it had enough voltage to properly operate the delay box.

And another point to consider, staging position. Even 1" will considerably change the reaction time. Also, if the car moves when trans brake is applied and foot brake released that will change the reaction.

Having a line lock activated with trans brake is a good thing.

Larry Woodfin

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I think if the voltage was low enough to affect your delay box, it would be messing up the ignition down track when it’s working hard and you’d get some type of miss or low voltage indication there.
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Read the instructions on the delay box and ignition you are using. It reads that both will operate with an input voltage of 10 – 18 volts.

As others have posted, if the battery had enough power to crank the engine, it had more than enough to properly run the delay box and ignition.

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I may be wrong but voltage is used to apply and hold the brake, spring or hydraulic pressure is used to release the brake.
I also don't believe that a drop of 2 volts will make the digital circuits slow down since i have raced with 12 volts and 15 volts and it made no difference.


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Just for the record I put the "cleaned switch" back in the car for the Denver race. All was good until my .012 and dead 4 run was negated by A.J. Percival's .006 and also dead 4. He did runner-up so great job there A.J.

But the switch was fine after cleaning. I agree with these guys, I would look at something else but of course be sure you have your battery checked and also look closely at your grounds. Good luck!

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