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I have used grid on A/fuel car to control timing and thats about it.

Question or questions I have about getting one for FED.
How many functions can I use it to trigger. I have few electric air solenoids, shifter, lean outs, richening valve and possibly chutes if bad top end track and want to deploy on time.

As for data part. We read timing during run. I take it rpm, timing and maybe when it triggers any functions as mentioned above. Is what it records. Data other than timing I pretty much have covered with rpm data logger.

Anything else that I am not aware of that it can be used for?

Trying to decide on grid or crank trigger purchase now. Other will just be new toy to come later.

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We use a crank trigger with our GRID.

Had several RPM and/or ET events driven from the Grid earlier on Nitrous, but we are only shifting by RPM, outside of engine control events, now with our ProCharger.
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