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Who makes a good dash cam that also has rear view camera? Tired of people running up my bumper and all that stupid crap on my way to work every day so I want footage to take to police and have them nailed. Been passed by people using the berm and even exit ramps and yes I am driving speed limit or a little faster.
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I will ask my wife, she has a pretty good one in her car. The only issue I have seen with it that it does not always shut off after you shut the engine off. I am going to hook it to a switched ignition source, other than that, it is great!
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In my pickup truck, I use a DOD RX8W similar to the RX400W. Mine is an older model with only 1080p. The new one is 3 megapixel. It doesn't have a look back camera but fits over the mirror and has the display in the mirror. When playing back the videos it creates, it gives an overlay of where you are on a map, shows speed direction etc when using the supplied software or you can just view the MOV video with any video player.

I've got an older simple dash cam that I was going to just mount in the rear window as a looking back camera but just never got around to wiring up a power source for it.


The RX400W has the capability for a second wired camera for backup viewing but the extra camera is not supplied. Watch the video. They'll show license plate cameras that can be used although they're designed to be used in reverse mode.


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Subscribing to this. Very interested.

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