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I have a 2001 S10 that still has the factory brakes on it. Wanting to change over to disc all the way around. Any suggestions or experience with any particular brands?
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There's Mark Williams and then everything fighting to be #2
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Mine came with LAMBS work great with TBM PADS...
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How fast are you planning on running? As stated MW and Lamb stuff is hard to beat for quality however there are other options that may fit the bill and lighten your pocket less. I have Wilwood all four corners, it's only a mid 6 second 1/8 mile car, they work very well for my application on long and short tracks. Be careful to install them carefully and correctly. Inspect and maintain them regularly.

Lamb, MW, Strange, Moser, Wilwood. Lots of good upgrades over stock.

The only one I wouldn't recommend is Aerospace. Had a friend have issues with them. Some of their machining looks rough IMO. There are probably a lot of people they worked great for. I have one of there vacuum pumps and it looks like it was machined at the VOTECH by a 16 yr. old, again IMO.

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MW is the best IMO. The other choices are still a big upgrade from the tiny stock brakes......

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The cheap route would be to use the stock,GM 'Metric' calipers on the front.

You can get brackets to mount GM 'metric'-type calipers on the rear as swell, but you may need to use a pair with smaller bores than 2 1/2".

Whatever you do, avoid the GM locking calipers; the so-called 'Caddy' calipers. They're almost impossible to bleed right, it seems.
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S10 Blazers and crewcabs all have factory discs, takes a thin adapter to fit 'em.

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I went with Willwood fronts on our new truck because when I called Strange they said they didn't offer them for an S10, that was a few years ago though. I think TRZ had a spindle modification to use Strange brakes at that time. I have Strange brakes in the back and honestly, the brakes on that truck work very good. We only have one short season on the truck this year and about 135 passes but the brakes and rotors still look kinda new.
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