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Caltracs setup on s10, has Calvert shocks on it currently. Assuming there is better out there, what have you swapped to and was there improvements? Thanks

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Caltracs, to take care of the tire you want a digressive valving on rebound and a digressive to linear valving on compression. Or in other words liberal bleed valving on rebound and moderately liberal bleed valving on compression.

What's you're doing is prolonging the natural tendency of the damper to change direction when the tire grabs traction.

So it's the valving you're looking for, not the shock. Preferably, you want a shock with as many clicks available for the reason it'll most likely be a monotube system as most over the counter drag shocks are, taking into consideration an adjustment made on rebound effects compression and vice versa.

I'd call Strange and tell em you need a shock for caltracs with as many clicks as possible and liberal bleed valving on rebound to moderately liberal on compression, they'll know exactly what to send ya. Good luck.

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