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flat bed, open trailer
Once my Lamplighter project is race-ready I am considering a return to towing with an open trailer.

For those of you who tow with an open trailer, let me hear about your trailer, length, equipment, ease of loading, etc.

I am even considering aluminum and a tilt bed design.

Larry Woodfin

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Personally I would never do it again after having enclosed. Good luck on whatever you decide.

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When i towed with my flat trailer, I had a 20 ft. diamond plate deck(18ft flat+2ft dove). I was hauling my 69 camaro and a honda elte scooter. I could have pit a small quad in front in place of the scooter. I would still get 5200# axles on it. I made a removable which plate in case a broke my car. I had a tongue box for the battery, weight didtribution bar storage and stored the winch in. My tools were in the back of my suburban.

I agree, going back to a flat trailer would be tough, as i like my enclosed. With the enclosed, you at least have a way to get out of the sun for a while, unless you have a mh. Also you don't have to load and unload tools into the truck.

If going the flat route, i would go with aluminum, if the budget allows.

Just my .02. Good luck
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Some times I miss the open trailer racing days.
But whatever advantages it had, (and there were a few), none of them were worth having my freshly painted, completely body-worked car get pounded by a renegade hailstorm while I was at work. Even with a 4-layer car cover, it took a beating. My used-but-nice 28' enclosed trailer cost less than the damage done by that storm in 5 minutes. So for me, answer is no, not going back. Ever.

Dan "Jim" Moore
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Larry with the long distances you have to travel to the track I would stay with your LQ assuming you still have it. Gives you a place to get out of the heat and relax and also protects the car in bad weather.
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Steve, we still have both. The big w/LQ and the 24-foot tag.

Just brainstorming and checking options.

By tha way Steve, you have a bad to the bone hot rod. Two thumbs up from Team Woodfin.

Larry Woodfin

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In 2007 my first 3 yrs of car racing started with an 18’ ATC aluminum open trailer because I was unsure how I’d like it. I was hooked after the first time out.

3 yrs later we moved to a different house my wife wanted, and I was able to set up for racing and switched to a 24’ enclosed aluminum tag that has a drivers door wall mount for my 3rd gen that I drive in.

Larry, I would never consider towing something as beautiful as what your car will be when finished on an open trailer. I wouldn’t even consider towing my old heap in anything but an enclosed.
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I enjoyed running my altered on an old open trailer. It was cool having people drive down highway beside me taking pictures and thumbs up.

But those days are gone, now I keep it inside an enclosed trailer. Much easier to back trailer in back yard and lock the gate than putting everything up in middle of the night. Me and my car have protection from the sun and rain plus a place to mount my weather station and for all my tools and spare parts.

I think real quickly you will be back in enclosed trailer.

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I have been towing with an open trailer since 2008...I now have an 18 footer...I put my scooter on in front of the race car...I tow with a Yukon Denali with the 6.2 motor and 6 speed tranny...btw, I have never used the tow mode yet...

No doubt the car gets beat up by the weather...I keep mine in the toy lot where I live...it is outside 24/7...sigh...the good part is the gas mileage is better and I can maneauver it easily...even through a lot of drive up windows at food joints...

At the races I simply use the denali to cool off or heat up...very comfy to say the least...very simple to unhook and go to the hotel at night or wherever....


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I use an Appalachian 16' trailer with wooden deck to haul my Camaro. Pulls very nice.
They are local to me, which made it easy to purchase. I have no complaints about it and my friends have used it and they all like it as well.
Only thing I added was a winch up front and some front tire stops.
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For now my tri axel 30ft enclosed Pace is parked. I bought a 20ft Featherlite open that has worked very well. Last trip with the enclosed was to Bristol WFC. I tow with a diesel pusher and have plenty of room in front of the car for the scooter. When I get home I just back it in the garage and close the door. By the way with the air dam removed our Smart car will fit in front of the race car sideways Big Grin
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I sometimes miss my old open deck trailer. If I was ever to go back, this is likely the one I would purchase, or maybe an aluminum version which I've seen.

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18' ATC open trailer and old 2002 2wd 1/2 ton suburban. Had a blast running like that.
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I still use a 16', steel-deck open trailer, but may invest in an enclosed trailer this year.

As Curly1 had suggested, there is I think kindof a 'cool' factor in going down the road with an open trailer.

With a big, aluminum tool box and generator towards the front of the trailer, my S10 hangs off the back end a foot or so.

I have a camper left in my rented pit space that can stay year 'round. And my pit space has shade trees.

When I get home from the track, my trailer with tool box, generator and racer loaded just barely fits into my garage. I unhook the tow vehicle and shut the door.

The tow vehicle is a flatbed with aluminum boxes for the spare parts.

My ramps slide out the back of the trailer and are quick and easy to deploy.
The kind that slide out from the sides, common I think on beavertail trailers, can be problematic in tight pit spaces.
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Best open trailer I ever owned was a Sloan Kwik Load. no ramps great balance, and very well built.
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