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thinking about switching out my hoosier 33.5x17x16 c06 compound to M/T but not sure if i want the 3182 or 3183 tire. have a 2600lb door car going 5 teens in the 1/8 with a 1.14 to 1.16 60ft. 1050hp motor on alky. just bracket racing
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I just put a set of #3183 tires on on my Corvette.And they are just flat nasty. Since my Corvette is run on the stop the X8 compound is best. Your door car is best suited using the #3182 tire that is the harder compound X5 for a heavy car.

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When you do make the change please report back to us and let us know about it. What you like or do not like. I believe you will like the MT tires.

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