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I have a 1998 S10 that I'm going to be installing an LS based engine in. I know a lot of manufactures make headers for them using stock location engine/transmission mounts but mine has a midplate/front engine plate and the pictures I've seen make it look like that could be a fitment problem. Has anyone doing this conversion found a good source? If it comes to making a set, does anyone have a recommendation for a good header kit?
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I just made a set for a BB in a 98 and I have to say, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. I did the fab work and my son tig welded them. Turned out better than any store bought headers I've ever had. Not sure who makes a kit for LS stuff, but I started with a 2" Headman kit and ended up buying a few extra j bends. I fit 3 tubes inside the frame and only one had to go outside so I kept most if not all of my steering radius.
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I am trying to get Schoenfeld Headers to make a set of LS head headers that are front exit for my new S-10. They have them for the standard small blocks but not LS. I will post here if I can convince them it may be a good item for them. The ones they have exit mid-fender ahead of the wheel opening.

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