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golf cart, gas or battery?
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Electric carts are a pita when it comes to battery charging, battery maintenance, weight, and larger potential for a fire hazard while being towed to the track inside the trailer.

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Have an ATV and a Gas cart. Only use the ATV at the track. Just me and 1 helper. Now when i go to the bigger events, i take the cart along also for my 2 older buddies that have a walker and one with a cane so they can get around. Life long racers. So they can enjoy the event also and talk to old friends there. Really helps then out mentally and gets them out of the house.
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Had an electric cart explode while I was on it. Never again.

Batteries were recently charged, apparently still full of hydrogen gas (which is normally given off during the charging process). All I know that I was covered in sulfuric acid, had to cut all my hair off, clean up with baking soda, etc etc. Not fun. Permanent hearing loss too. I'll never own an electric cart and we no longer work on them at the shop for this very reason. No warning, slowed down, and a half second later, big boom. Yes it was tested for external short circuits, proper connections, etc. There are 4 batteries under the seat, 2 under the cargo bed, and 2 in the front, 48v system. Shows 50.5 at a full charge. Customer's complaint was that it will run fine for a minute, then bog down as if he was letting off the throttle, and said if you completely let off, let it sit, then it'd take off again. I had the code scanner on it, went about 100 foot, it slowed up, a speed sensor code popped up, then boom.

Had it been in a trailer, it would have done some serious damage to everything. Had plenty of experience messing with them in the prior 10 or so years but that one was the nail in the coffin. With our small cramped shop, if that thing had gone off inside the building, it would have likely devastated everything inside the shop and perhaps the building too with all of the acid. Do not know the cause. I went to doctor immediately and the guys at the shop called customer and customer came picked up what was left of it.
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We have had both and I will never have a battery cart again, only gas for me.

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Ok, so who wants to buy my 48volt cart....

You have to put in the effort, to get anything out of it.
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The weight of the batteries kills the structure that hold them with the beating a trailer gives them just going down the road with regularity. GAS golf cart or Zuma scooters...JMO
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