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The last two passes I made the grid file ends in the middle of the pass. They were both aborted passes, the first at about 4 seconds, the next around 2.5, but the files end at around 2 seconds.

The engine rpm is still up at the end of each file. Record is set to overwrite. End condition is rpm below 2500.

I should go back and verify, but I think this grid was recording in the past with no problems. I did notice that for sure the files were smaller on these last two passes (~90kb down to ~40kb).

I had this problem on another car, don't remember if or how I fixed it.
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If you do not delete older files in Grid I would suggest to try this.

In Start Recording program the Engine RPM Above to 3000 , AND to Launch Input.

In Stop Recording program Engine RPM Below to 500, OR None , Post –Trigger to 1 and Max Recording Time to 15

This will start the recording at launch with rpm over 3000 and keep it recording for 16 seconds (1 + 15). Adjust the record time value to where it records 125% of your run. Mine is set to 10 seconds for a 6.50 1/8 mile ET.

It is wise to clean out old .dqi files from the SD card. I always delete when I download leaving the card empty after each run if I’m reviewing them or at the end of the day. This puts all the runs for that day into a dated folder that I can easily identify against my log book entrys.
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