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Looking for seat recommendations for new S-10 build?
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Get FJ Smith to build it Wink
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*I am an "old", "large" "stiff" man so an original seat always appeals to me. [The Doctor tells me I have "FOS" Fat Old stiff]

*Kirky makes several sizes of drag seats and offers nice mounting hardware.

When Monte and I built the Super 10 it initially had the factory seat, which I liked. Later, we changed to an aluminum seat, and I never liked it.

The aluminum seat, once mounted, will be about 25 pounds lighter.

Larry Woodfin

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If you stick with stock,, the seats from a Cavalier are pretty close to bolt-in and a whole lot more comfortable with better bolsters.

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We put a Kirkey in our truck and modified the factory bucket seat tracks to work. They no longer slide due to the fact the seat is anchored to the roll cage but it made mounting it much easier as the factory floor is very oddly shaped.
In hindsight, next time I'll cut out the factory floor and just make it flat Razz
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