E-85 tunning
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When going to E85 what are some of the thing to change in your tune and setup.
1. Timing less or more or the same ??
2.Colder plugs buy how much 1 ??
3.What about shift points seeing how the motor will make more torque say 200 rpms less ??
4.Running at different elevations I run at sea level 1500ft 2500ft 4000ft Jet changes for elevation
5.What do I what to see in water temp at finish line 190 200
6.Water temp at start of run 160 170
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In my case with a sbc400 with 13.5/1 compression, it wanted less timing. Gas was 38* best,E85 likes 28* to 32* locked. Plugs are 1range hotter. Shift point stayed same. I am most consistent if I stage at 180* stripe is 190/195*. If I stage at say 170* the car falls off 1 or2 #.
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Mine was less timing and hotter plug with a wider gap. Water box temp 170 stage at 180 and about a 10 degree temp rise during the run. Water temp IS VERY important.

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