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Whose making the best, most comfortable helmet for driving a dragster these days.

Michael Frizie
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Kyle has been using Bell’s Carbon RS7 since June last year and loves it. It’s at Todd’s getting paint. First race with it last year he won. Prior to it, he’s been using Simpson’s Diamondback for 7 years.
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I have a few but the SST Motorsports carbon with two different size cheek pads is the nicest I have worn. I have to find them in 8-1/8 or XXXXL so it limits choice. Visors are same as Racequip so it's easy to get clear, amber and polarized visors.

Everyone will have their favorites but at $500-$1000 I would make sure you work more on learning about correct fit of a helmet than asthetics or paint.


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The most comfortable helmet is First, going to be the one that fits your head properly, guaranteed. The interior design of the helmet for your head shape is where you should start. Unfortunately, most (not all) helmet makers do not list head shape in their helmet line because they are built for the generic head.

A round head shape like a volleyball when compared to one with a long narrow shape head could have the exact same head circumference, but won’t fit into a helmet made for that circumference size. And when those two extremes do get it into a helmet, they can find it uncomfortable because the interior does Not fit their head shape properly.

Imho, if you can find a shop that sells several brands of helmets that you are interested in, try them on there prior before purchasing. And if you find what you like at that shop purchase from them.

Some racers will only purchase SA rated interior helmets. I get it. That helmet interior spec is only required in Fuel classes.

Because of my head shape I purchase ARAI since 1982. I believe these are the most comfortable helmets because they are made to fit your head properly. Some in Nascar wear these as well. Made in Japan.

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In my experience in professional Karting as well as in my dragsters....the best fitting most comfortable helmet I have worn has been the current Stilo ST5. I have had everything from Impact to the Bell RS7 to an Arai Gp-7....There are definitely helmets that are cheaper that are on the market, and yes, they pass the same SFI testing, but the price point difference is in the quality of materials as well as fit and finish.
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Markemark has it right, there isn't really any one "best" helmet for you. I love my Impact Champ, but for you it may not "feel right" if you tried one on, where the one Ed suggested might....you should do as recommended and try several different brands and see which one is most comfortable and fits best for you...

Mark Goulette
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Mark nailed it, the best helmet is the one that fits you. Best to go somewhere and try a bunch of different ones on. Different brands and models fit different head shapes. Same with ski helmets and boots for that matter.

I always liked the looks of the Simpson bandits. Tried one on, terrible fit for me. I also learned that I prefer larger eye ports.

I’ve been using a G Force Pro CFG carbon SA2010 that fit me well. After using it about five years the chin strap started to fray a bit. Called them up and they sent me a new one free of charge, quick friendly good service. Since the 2010’s are out of date now, I ended up getting a new Supernova carbon. Haven’t been down the track with it but it’s a nice helmet that fits me good and the wicker bill should help with any lifting issues in a dragster.
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I bought a Simpson Speedway shark late last season. After working thru with Simpson getting the accessories right, I have been very happy with it so far, large eye port and being made in the USA is a huge plus!
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I picked up a Racequip Vesta20 Carbon and it is a nice piece. Fits well, super comfortable and very lightweight.

Nick Craig

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My head shape is intermediate. I went to Cycle gear and tried on a few different brands and purchased a Shoei.

It's your head you're trying to protect in case of an accident. Don't be cheap.


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