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Which TPMS product for 3 axle trailer do you use/recommend?
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I have a TST-507-rv-4 that works great. It came with 4 sensors but you can add as many as you need. The one I got has a monochromaic screen, guess they have color now so they can charge you more,, lol. It comes with a charging cord and one charge last many trips. Once you turn it on it takes about a minute to pickup all the tire sensors. It also comes with a signal booster that may be needed if you use it for the trailer tires, but I bet towing with a pickup truck you wouldn't need it. I just have them on the MH with the unit on the dash and it picks up the rear tires with no issues without the booster. One of the best gadgets I have!
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I used the EEZRV brand with my fifth wheel and dually. 10 tires total and it worked great. Even at 42', no need for a "repeater".

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I got the tire minder. It's been fine and does what it is supposed to.
Monitors pressure and temperature.
I had to get a repeater for the trailer since the front of the motorhome was so far away. Just add more sensors for the extra axle.

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EEZ RV brand here as well. Initial setup is easy and the peace of mind while towing, especially at night, is great! We’ve got 12 sensors total, 6 truck and 6 trailer. Buy cheap replacement batteries from Amazon and keep a few in the toolbox.

It’s probably the best investment in the entire racing operation.
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