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RIP Richard Maskin
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Such an innovator to the racing industry. RIP.

An earlier interview that says it all. 2015

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Very sad to read this. Way to young to leave us.
My best experience with a block purchase and machine work was directly with Richard.
I had blown up my 565 and hurt the Dart block. Was told Dart had blemed blocks for sale from time to time. Was told to ask for D i c k in purchasing. Called and was transferred to him. Took at least 5 min until I figured out D I c k was Richard. Lol So he hollers across the room if they had a 9.8 cast iron steel cap block and to my luck he had one with a minor casting flaw at the water port. Sent him the cylinder finished bore dimensions, from my custom Wiseco pistons being made and a pair of EZ bushed lifters along with clearances I wanted. When the block arrived it was perfectly machined. I never had a BBC seal as well and as a result make good power. That 582 was the last race engine I built.
Rest In Peace Richard.


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Great talent! What a loss! RIP Mr. Maskin

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He has changed our racing World for the better. The heads and blocks they make are really nice.

May he Rest in Peace.

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Met him once while he was setting up another guy in the aftermarket cylinder head business. Nice guy, and brilliant.

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