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Generator problem
DRR Sportsman
I have a 12 KW power tech generator in my motorhome and it just shut off yesterday for no reason it will restart if I go press the reset button on the generator but it will only run 8 or 10 seconds and goes right back off again I’ve checked the oil in the water I’m thinking some kind of sensor but I don’t know where to look next

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What error codes are you getting?

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Is the fuel pump running? I had a similar issue last year when it would run for 10 seconds and shut off. I noticed the issue when it only primed for a few seconds and quit. Replaced the pump and now we're good to go. This is on a Onan.
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I had a piece of dirt blocking float needle and seat on my gas Onan last year that did the same thing. If I tried to start it immediately after it quit it wouldn’t start but wait one minute or so then it fired and ran for short time then same thing again. I figured gas would bleed past the dirt enough to fill the bowl again but not fast enough to keep it running. I didn’t realize mine doesn’t have a filter but does now.
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Most Powertechs have a control that will shut a unit down for a number of reasons...same as an Onan

Low oil pressure
High coolant temp
NO AC output

They usually also have a blinking light sequence that indicates why it shuts down.

If there is no blinking light fault code you have to check the basics

Does it have AC output for the short time it runs...If it does its something else.

Oil pressure sender, coolant temp sender...

Power tech has a website and lots of info available...

Operators manuals include troubleshooting block diagrams and that will help make a diagnosis...

I've worked on a number of PT's....usually 8-10-12 KW diesels.....and larger....

Loss of AC output is pretty common...and there are a number of reasons that can happen....some fairly easy to fix and some not easy....

Connect an AC voltmeter on the machines output as close to it as you can get.....maybe a connection box or at the transfer switch generator in set of wires.....

Start the machine and see if the AC voltage builds up quickly as it should......
If its a 120 volt machine that's what your looking for..

If its 120/240 that's what you should see on the 2 hot legs......and it should be there as fast as it starts and gets up to speed....

NO AC output voltage and the control will shut it down....

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