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Fixing to order a vacuum pump, GZ most likely since I have already talked to them and was pleased with their honesty

with that in mind, I have the engine out of the car and apart for freshening. Will need rings, bearings, gaskets, etc.

So the current ring set will be fine (top and 2nd rings) and I will be using low tension oil rings, standard for use with vacuum pump as I understand from the guys at GZ.

I am going to have to do some work on the pan. My pan, well it is not good, will replace it with a good race pan. Currently using a stock 80-96 F150 pan (351w based engine). After reassembly I will smoke test the engine to minimize air and possibly oil leaks. I usually do this anyway.

Anything else I need to do with respect to installing vacuum pump, while I have it apart?
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Sometimes you install the rear main seal backwards,
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Originally posted by B.C.Malibu:
Sometimes you install the rear main seal backwards,

You can, but it will leak if you lose vacuum for any reason. They make double lip seals now that work very well. I'd recommend one of those before turning a seal around backwards.

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There is no reason to install the rear seal backwards, ever! I run the regular Felpro rear seal and can pull over 16 lbs of vacuum with my Moroso 4 vane pump. Most low vacuum issues are either poor ring seal or leaks into the crankcase or both.

I do not recommend running low tension oil rings in a bracket motor either.
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