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Very sad news. I loved racing at Byron and listening to him on the mic.

Tony Leonard
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Rest in peace Ron. I always enjoyed your announcing.
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Godspeed Ron..rip
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Thats a darn shame right there, RIP
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Godspeed Ron
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I had heard his health had taken a turn. He was always very respectful and decent to talk to. Well, he was a bit heated when we scattered an engine and it's contents on his track 15 or more years ago. We did pull to the side after gaining control. Smile

Ron and BJ for as long as I have raced there have run a track with maximum effort by the ownership....in addition to the jobs that they have to pay their bills during the week of course. Even just a couple years ago I would see Ron in a pickup grabbing trash barrels. The trend today seems to be tracks with full time staff year round, and all the expense that goes with it. Ron and BJ have avoided that extra expense and have put together a lot of great bracket races, as well as a track that consistently had a great surface to put power down to.

My father in law grew up knowing Ron, and saw how Ron grew up and where he came from. To come from such adversity and humble beginnings, and through effort and will, create the business and race track that he did is inspirational. It is rare to find intestinal fortitude in people today that Ron possessed. God bless you Ron. I miss you already.

Foxtrot Juliet Bravo
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RIP my friend..

L8R, Mike

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