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Looking at work lights for new trailer. Its already framed for the cans just not cut in yet. Wondering if anything smaller for LED's.I have seen the cans with LED bulbs swapped in.Just looking at options before cutting into sides.

Best source for lights.Have a cpl already but hey never upset if find something equal but less cost.

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Maybe less fancy than the cans. But I put these up. Three on side and one on back of trailer. All the light I need to do whatever. And.....I don't need to run the generator. Runs off trailer battery. They use little power. I just attached to the top aluminum rail and if I remember correctly, just used screws that were already up there. Very handy. Worst part was running the wires in the trailer.

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My new cargo mate has LED's on the outside about 14 to 16 inches long 3 inches wide and probably 1 inch thick. No holes cut in the trailer anywhere.
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I like these. Only about 50 bucks each
Mount inside near trailer door and fold out when needed.
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I think if it was me, i would install a couple of these.



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I got me 6 exterior DC LED powered lights for my 48 foot trailer. Its not the run of the mill box type fixtures. I got it from Jegs and they put out a lot of light the part number is 555-81936. I had a racer try and compare to a bucket LED light fixture and he said it was about the same.

Here is a link to my install on my trailer.

I wired each light to a switch, I used landscaping 12 gauge wire to run from the fuse panel to each light fixture. Wiring was some what tricky as the normal in line crimps were too large and unable to fit under the fixture. I used those small crimp caps and was able to fit those under each fixture. I have 3 lights on several relays that activates with my reverse on my truck as well with wall switches. It will illuminate the back end of the trailer. Both sides as well as the rear. These night photos show how much light it puts out. I also have done some load test and the light pulls about 3 amps.

FYI IF you use that landscaping wiring or any type of molded type of cable you will find one will have a marking to identify that wire of the molded pair. It maybe a flat spot, it may have ridges and a color strip. Like speaker wires. They usually have a colored stripe. So in the landscaping check the outer edge one side will have a recognizable mark of some sort. Then you can make sure its going to be a plus or a negative of the pair. Check a table lamp cord.

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