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keeping your cars "maintained" when not racing
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figured since we arent racing anytime soon (hope im wrong) this would be a great time to ask. what everyone does to keep their cars maintained. are you doing more/less then normal? do you keep them in your trailer or bring them in your shop? and not just the race cars,the rigs you pull with anyone doing mantince to those as well?

J.K. Hodges
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I keep my operation very simple...my race car and golf cart sit on an open trailer outside 24/7...I start the car every week to keep the fluids up and moving...I add some lucas ethanol fuel treatment every 14 gallons or so since I run pump gas...I keep my rig in the toy lot of the subdivision where I live since it is not allowed in the driveway...that's it, like I said, very simple...
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Car is up on stands in my shop, I run the valves, top off the fuel tank, and plug the battery charger in every so often. I try to start and run it from time to time, bring it to full temp, then top off tank again....After that I'll top off the tank again, check over the whole car, fasteners, etc...then wait again until next time...

Mark Goulette
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Car is inside the shop on jackstands. I have a car cover over it to keep dust off. I drained the fuel tank just because if I leave it full I lose too much to evaporation. I disconnected the batteries also. Hope to get back to it soon.
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Here in the northeast, our cars sit for 6 months in the off season so another month or 2 doesn't require any thing more than what was done if anything for the start of hibernation which for me is car cover on and lights off when not apart for an engine/trans freshening or upgrades.
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Trailer and all in the garage. Thinking about starting it today sometime.....Giving some thought to changing the converter. I have bumped it over once a week so valves aren't in same position for weeks on end.
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Both of my operations are in a storage area I can`t access until the local lockout subsides. I`m sure I`ll have dead everything. One car on open trailer, one enclosed.

lane weber

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I opened the doors on the trailer and up and put the battery on trickle charge. I open the trailer doors every couple of weeks and make sure the car is still in there.
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Nothing special here. Even in a normal year, my stuff would still be in storage for another couple weeks.

I was outside in a t-shirt today but it sounds like I'll have the snowblower running tomorrow.

Tony Leonard
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I find continuing to drive the car as much as I usually do works well for me. Everything stays lubed, no flat spots on the tires, etc., etc. Take care. Tom Worthington

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Just a reason to tear into something to either fix,rebuild or just make a change for hell of it. Then I would be doing that anyway. Getting new lifters since not spending money on something else and have not been crazy about using the ones I have since they went in motor. Reworked intake for o-rings last week so as to do away with gasket,which are had to find for this thing and have to special order or make them.

I know lots here disagree with me on this.If not for working on the car I wouldn't have built it in first place.Just enjoy working on car and not having anyone around to put up with. Social distancing is great is some ways.

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My car is in the trailer during the off season. I maintain the 16 volt battery by putting it on the intelli-charger every second or third day for a few hours. I jacked the car up (front and back) so it doesn't constantly sit on the tires in the same position. I maintain the tire pressures and spin the engine over at least once a week. The temperature here never drops below 45 degrees so I'm not concerned about the water in the block freezing.

We may be in the same holding pattern for a few more weeks, or possibly a couple of months, at this point it's impossible to predict how long that will last.


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