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I know a lot of the people on here are not from the North Texas area. We had a really good and fast track north of the metro plex called NorthStar Dragway. It's sad to say that last Saturday was the last day any races were ever going to be held there. The owner has decided to dismantle the track equipment sell it and then sell the land. That was a very fast track lots of great memories there. Alas its now gone forever. Two Thumbs down
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That’s a real shame. I’ve been there twice. That was a great place.

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NorthStar Dragway

Use to drive by there all the time back and forth to work. Are they selling and cleaning out the junkyard?

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You can't blame the racers for this one

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True Dat, The property was right on major highway just outside of Denton.

The property sold for way more than it was worth as a racetrack for industrial use due to great location. Good for track owners bad for the racers. And it was a very good track and one of those tracks that I always seem to do really good at. Will be missed for sure.

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