Wally's Steakhouse
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"I can’t take credit for this story. It was told to me by a former world champion of which the concept sounded vaguely familiar."

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Great story.
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Well written and very relevant obviously. The emergence of other great "restaurants" could be the best thing to happen to drag racing...err, dining.

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Great story that reminds me of a Will Rogers quote:

There are three kinds of men:

One that learns by reading.
One that learns by observing
The rest have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.


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Well said---You forgot the Michael and Anthony brand of cheap meals. With a name change it looks like they have taken over Piedmont next year with 8 "dinners" sceduled there for those seeking value
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Funny part of story is that is nexactly what happens to 99% of great business taken over by second generation. They know better and destroy it before long.

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That is an awesome read John, thank you for that.

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Go figure.
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It is a good anology.... however you still have to pay before you eat at many of those new places, and while the steak may be pretty big the price for the meal ain't necessarily cheap.

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Hell yeah the steak is less expensive. The other joints are operating off Wally's turn key insurance.

You still need a middle class for drag racing to thrive. Drag racing has shrunk at the same rate as the middle class's discretionary money creating manufacturing jobs have been offshored to china.

Most Americans won't have a clue WTF i'm talking about here. Well here it is simple as can be. American middle class jobs that allowed for discretionary money in the pockets of Americans were offshored to china and replaced with part time minimum wage retail sales clerk, waiter and waitress jobs, while at the same time the credit was expanded subprime in order to replace the lost wages offshored to china. This was the approach taken for Americans to keep their standards of living. Banks have nothing to lose lending to anyone with a pulse subprime, too big to fail they'll be bailed out by taxpayers anyway. These are the economic bubbles, banks loaning money to debt slaves they know beforehand can't service the debt. Americans take the bait in order to maintain their standards of living.

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I blame NHRA zero, because I have a clue.

NHRA is a victim of changes.

I told everyone I know nearly 20 years ago it would go down like this, from the day dyck Cheney said deficits don't matter.

Covid is nothing but a reset of a unsustainable system.
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